Answer: he ordered
Need to translate " iussit " from Latin? Here's what it means.
iussit . Definition from Wiktionary the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Latin Verb . iussit . third-person singular perfect active indicative of ...
latin-ancient. Primam et secundam aciem in armis esse tertiam castra munire iussit . He ordered the first and second lines to be under arms; the third to fortify the camp. latin-ancient. Huc inclinavit Antonius cingique vallum corona iussit .
Entries with " iussit " peculator: …Tacitus Historiae mox compertum publicam pecuniam avertisse ut peculatorem flagitari iussit . it being soon discovered that he had embezzled the public money he directed that… fideiussit: fideiussit (Latin) Verb fidēiussit Conjugation of fidēiubeō (third-person singular perfect active indicative)
iussit itaque rex banaiae filio ioiadae qui egressus percussit eum et mortuus es English so the king commanded benaiah the son of jehoiada; which went out and fell upon him that he died. and the kingdom was established in the hand of solomon.
„Rex iussit ut oppidum quam optime muniretur." Satzbespiel 5183093 „Dicere...