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Denotation definition is - an act or process of denoting. How to use denotation in a sentence. What's the difference between connotation and denotation ?
The definition of denotation refers to the direct or dictionary meaning of a word in contrast to its figurative or associated meanings (connotations).
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the explicit or direct meaning or set of meanings of a word or expression as distinguished from the ideas or meanings associated with it or suggested by it; the association or set of associations that a word usually elicits for most speakers of a language as distinguished from those elicited for any individual speaker because of personal experience.
Denotation is the act of using a word or symbol to signify an explicit meaning or set of meanings. The particular meaning of a word or symbol is its denotation. Get a denotation definition along with several examples of denotation in literature denotation symbols and other fun denotations like zodiac signs.
Denotation is a translation of a sign to its meaning precisely to its literal meaning more or less like dictionaries try to define it. Denotation is sometimes contrasted to connotation which includes as...