Answer: inmon (陰門)
the cathode the negative pole
As established and understood the source of electrons and transfer of ions flows from the negative pole (Anode) and is received by the positive pole (Cathode) (intentionally using most basic terms) the anode is negative here because the the flow originates FROM the electrolyte into the light bulb for which if the terminals of the bulb were labeled they would match the electrolyte in the other cell as it is the force coming from the bulb pushing the flow to the cell's cathode and the ...
The arc column is generated between an anode the positive pole of a DC power supply and the cathode the negative pole shown in Figure 4 to the left. The electrical theory of the arc column is that the ions pass from the positive pole to the negative pole because metal ions are positively charged so they are attracted to the negative pole.
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neg·a·tive pole • n. the south-seeking pole of a magnet. ∎ a cathode. Source for information on negative pole: The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English dictionary.
The stimulator is unique in that the cathode is the negative pole (-) because it discharges anions (-) and the anode is the positive pole (+) because it discharges cations (+). At the end of the day that's the fundamental difference between a battery and a stimulator.
The negative electrode in an ele...