Answer: (n.) quality or characteristic belonging to or associate with someone or
something; (v.) to assign to credit with; to regard as caused by or
resulting from
Word Origin late 15th century: the noun from Old French attribut; the verb from Latin attribut- 'allotted': both from the verb attribuere from ad- 'to' + tribuere 'assign'.
Scrabble Points: 11
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Attribute definition is - a quality character or characteristic ascribed to someone or something. How to use attribute in a sentence. Did you know? Synonym Discussion of attribute .
Some common synonyms of attribute are ascribe assign credit and impute. While all these words mean "to lay something to the account of a person or thing " attribute suggests less tentativeness than ascribe less definiteness than assign. attributed to Rembrandt but possibly done by an associate When might ascribe be a better fit than attribute?
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An attribute is a quality or characteristic given to a person group or some other thing. Your best attribute might be your willingness to help others like when you stopped traffic so the duck family could cross the street.
to consider as a quality or characteristic of the person thing group etc. indicated: He attributed intelligence to his colleagues...