Answer: High alcohol; High sugar
Cabernet Sauvignon has ______ alcohol and ______ sugar.
Cabernet Sauvignon is a very bold and assertive wine that has potential to overwhelm light and delicate dishes. The wine's high tannin content as well as the oak influences and high alcohol levels associated with many regional styles play important roles in influencing how well the wine matches with different foods. When Cabernet Sauvignon is young all those elements are at their peak but as the wine ages it mellows; possibilities for different food pairings open up. In most circumstances matching the weight (a…
Made entirely from Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon these rosés tend to be drier than Rosé d'Anjou with higher alcohol and potentially more character. [3] Rosé d'Anjou AOC Also known as Anjou Rosé AOC these medium-sweet rosés saw a period of immense popularity in the mid to late 20th century where in the late 1980s they composed ...
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Grenache is often one of the last grapes to be harvested often ripening weeks after Cabernet Sauvignon. The long ripening process allows the sugars in the grape to reach high levels making Grenache-based wines capable of substantial alcohol levels often at least 15% ABV.
Along with Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Merlot Malbec and Petit Verdot Carménère is considered part of the original six red grapes of Bordeaux. Now rarely found in France the world's largest area planted with this variety is in Chile with more t...

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